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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Am I Ready for 2015??? I Guess So...

December 31, 2014 0 Comments
I do not know…

But one thing I do know 2015 has to be better than 2014, right?  Each year must be better than the next…in theory. Let me think…

My summer vacation…

Still up in the air for this summer. It is not looking good right now. Financially, it does not look like a great idea since I cannot find reasonably priced airline tickets. This makes me sad because I always look forward to leaving the city once the school year is over. It does not look like this will happen this summer. If I do not find that perfect price, I will put the cruise on hold and apply my payments to a future cruise. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to find a nice companion who will want to take me someplace this summer. Wait…I will need to get out and find someone first, right. On to the next subject.


I really want to get into blogging and getting more followers. I plan to do this within the next month or so. Hopefully, I will find more followers who will find what I say interesting. I want to blog about the following: Product reviews, travel reviews (cruises especially, please), running equipment (i.e.: running shoes, watches, socks and etc.; my dreams, my son who is Asperger’s, my daughter who has something called Central Precocious Puberty and my diagnosis of  Mycosis Fungoides Lymphoma. I know I have a lot going on. Along with teaching full time, it can be a bit overwhelming, but all-in-all, I can handle it.


I have to get back into running. It seemed to be the only thing to make me feel better. Once school starts back I cannot seem to find the time to do it. But I have to make the time once again. I plan to do at least one 5k or 10K each month…at least until it gets too hot. Perhaps I can find someone to run with me? 

I need a second or third job…

Maybe I will get lucky and find something….

Finding a companion….

Nevermind....We will see what happens. J

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Me!!!!!!

December 08, 2014 0 Comments
Hmm. Now why did I decide to create this blog? Well...I love  cruises!  Personally I am a fan of Royal Caribbean Cruises. I have traveled on the Freedom of the Seas (2 times), Oasis of the Seas (2 times) and Allure of the Seas (1.5 times. We are scheduled to set sail June 13, 2015).  I have sailed one of the Disney Cruises, as well.

I travel each time with my kids and they LOVE it! The idea of them experiencing and seeing new things fills my heart!

My kids are my life! I have a son name Nathaniel (9 years old) and a daughter named Haley (7 years old).  They can be a handful but I would not trade anything for them. My kids play golf and piano. They LOVE them both and I hope they will continue to do be interested as the years pass!

Being a single mom, I have a lot on my plate. At times, it feels like I cannot accomplish everything but somehow I am able to get it done!

Plans for this blog?  Hmm. I plan to continue to review my past cruises, and hopefully my future vacations, along with talking about things such as:  my kids, my life, electronic, great finds, saving a dollar or 2 or even dating (which is non existent at the moment...well "semi" non-existent!) HA! HA!!

Stay Tuned!!!

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