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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Silicon gloves are great! But more colors, please!

Tomoson Start

I recieved the Heat Resistant Silicon BBQ Grill Gloves for an honest review. I have happy to report that I am so in love with these gloves. So many years I have used towels and other oven mitts to BBQ, Grill and use my oven. No matter what I always found a way to burn my hands. At first I was thinking there is no way these gloves would work. After all, it is silicon, right.   

Thankfully I was proven wrong. Whether I am BBQ'ing, grilling or using the oven to bake my dinner these gloves did a fantastic job at keeping my hands safe! So far!

The only thing I would change is to offer a variety of colors to match one's home decor.  Otherwise, it is a great product and I'm happy I had the opportunity to test them.   ☺️

Tomoson End

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