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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Federico’s Car Care Mechanical Tire Gauge


I was offered Federico’s Car Care Mechanical Tire Gauge in exchange for an honest review. Please know my opinions may not reflect others. I am not a “car” person at all. When I was offered an opportunity to test the tire Gauge, I realized what I have been missing for so long. It is very small and compact and I like that part a lot. I actually placed it in my glove compartment. As a woman the last thing I want to do is hold anything that will cause my hands or clothes to get dirty. This is a great option! I decided to try it on my tires and I found it was easy to use and ZI was able to find out if my tires were low or not. Well, it turns out I needed air in my tires. Not really happy about that, but at least I knew what to do. I immediately drove to the local gas station to fill the tire with air. This is a great tool for me to have. Now I will need to buy other items in case I get stranded. But this is my first item! Great product!

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