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Sunday, May 3, 2015

3.4 Rapid Coiled Car Charger Review

Tomoson Top

I was given the 3.4 Rapid Coiled Car Charger in exchange for a fair, honest, unbiased opinion.

With all the new car chargers that allow USB cords, it was a while since I used a car charger with cord. But I realize I missed this style of charger. For one, it saves my USBs from quick wear and tear.

 I plugged it in the lighter and noticed it started to light up. In addition, it had a USB port in case someone needed to  charge another iPhone, iPod, iPad and etc.

Once I started to charge my phone, I noticed the end would not plug into my iPhone 6. I have an Otterbox case and assumed that w=could be the reason. However, I  removed my case  and it still would not plug in. This is a bit frustrating, but thankfully, I could use the USB port. Once I plugged it in, and by the time I made it to work within 20 minutes, my phone charged to 100%! (mind you my phone only had about 10% charge left.).

All-in-all, this is a great charger, but I would love to see how it works if I could could plug it directly into the phone...No matter what It is a fast charger.

Check them out:  3.4 Rapid Car Charger Review

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